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We manufacture a wide range of clips and holders to compliment our range of laboratory apparatus.

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    Diecast alloy, the burette can be clamped either vertically or horizontally to a 13 mm retort rod using the plastic headed nickel plated steel screw. Suitable for burettes up to 100 ml capacity.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Capacity Miscellaneous
    Burette Holder 3596 100 ml -

    For supporting 25 mm or 50 mm burettes. The clamp is made with two plastic coated spring clips mounted 50 mm apart on a stainless steel plate and a rod 150 x 8 mm diameter.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Capacity Miscellaneous
    Burette Clip 3595 25 mm or 50 mm burettes -

    Constructed in brass with a wooden handle, the holder will accept tubes up to 45 mm diameter. Overall length: 225 mm.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Capacity Miscellaneous
    Test Tube Holder Z5804 45 mm diameter -

    Constructed in spring steel and nickel plated, accepts tubes up to 50 mm diameter.Overall length: 130 mm.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Capacity Miscellaneous
    Test Tube Holder Z5904 50 mm diameter

    The clips are either side or bottom opening with a fine adjusting screw.


    Clip Opening Catalogue Number Hinge Finish
    12mm 9060 Bottom Nickel plated brass
    15mm 9503 Bottom Nickel plated brass
    25mm 9078 Bottom Nickel plated brass
    30mm 9053 Bottom Nickel plated brass
    40mm 9054 Bottom Nickel plated brass

    Constructed in brass and nickel plated, the clip has a large pressure plate for blood transfusion use. Tube diameter up to 13 mm. Maximum length: 45 mm.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Diameter Miscellaneous
    Transfusion Clip Z2605 13 mm -


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    We have over 60 years experience in producing the highest quality instrumentation where quality and reliability are quite literally critical for a wide range of sectors.


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