Scaffolding & connectors_

We manufacture a range of aluminium or stainless steel scaffolding. Listed are some of our standard range, please contact us if you have bespoke requirements.

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    Manufactured in steel and painted blue acrylic. The foot is 80 mm diameter and has 3 countersunk holes to secure foot to benches etc. The central boss accepts rods 13 mm diameter which are secured by a socket set screw. 1 allen key provided per pack of ten.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Rod Diameter Miscellaneous
    Scaffold Foot 2117 13 mm Similar to number 2008 but constructed in diecast aluminium.

    Used for fixing 2 rods or tubes at right angles.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Size of Connecting ThreadMiscellaneous
    2-way with Thumbscrew 2114 - For fixing 2 rods at right angles
    3-way with Thumbscrew 2115 - For fixing 3 rods at right angles.

    2 holes for fixing to instrument cases, control panels, screens or scaffold framework etc. 2 self tapping screws supplied per connector. A central 6 mm fixing hole is also provided.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Dimensions Miscellaneous
    Connector2111 - -

    For holding 2 rods at any angle to each other. The 2 components are restrained from swivelling freely by a tension washer.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Dimensions Miscellaneous
    Swivel, 2 way thumbscrew2112 - -

    Note: All connectors can be supplied with grub screws & allen keys for more permanent fixing


    Manufactured out of aluminium with boss to fit any of our scaffold feet. Accepts three 13 mm diameter rods or tubes at right angles, (2 perpendicular to the boss and the third in line with the boss) with alien screws for fixing. 1 allen key provided per pack of ten.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Dimensions Miscellaneous
    Foot Adapter2119 - -

    Manufactured in aluminium alloy 13 mm diameter with both ends domed. The rods are available in the following standard sizes.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Size Diameter
    Scaffold Rod2000/1 1800 mm 13 mm
    Scaffold Rod2000/2 1500 mm 13 mm
    Scaffold Rod2000/3 1200 mm 13 mm
    Scaffold Rod2000/4 900 mm 13 mm
    Scaffold Rod2000/5 600 mm 13 mm
    Scaffold Rod2000/6 450 mm 13 mm
    Scaffold Rod2000/7 300 mm 13 mm
    Scaffold Rod2000/8 150 mm 13 mm

    Other sizes can be manufactured in aluminium, stainless or zinc plated steel


    Manufactured in 2 sizes from 13 mm diameter by 1.63 mm wall thickness.


    Equipment Catalogue Number Size Diameter
    Aluminium Tube2121/1 1000 mm 13 mm
    Aluminium Tube2121/2 2000 mm 13 mm

    Other sizes on request


  • Medical

    We manufacture a variety of components for anaesthetic equipment, operating equipment & developing new products with customers.

  • Power Generation

    Manufactured components from special materials for use in power stations.

  • Pump Manufacturers

    We manufacture a wide  variety of components used in the control & flow of fluids & gases.

  • Leisure

    We work for companies who manufacture children's playground equipment and have helped them with their products from concept through to batch production.

  • Packaging & Labelling

    We work for a variety of companies manufacturing parts for the food & packaging industry  eg Bottling machinery/ canning machinery/ labelling machines.

  • Security

    We have been manufacturing components for the fire & security industry for the past 10 years , where component  tolerances are quite literally life and safety critical.

  • Telecommunications

    From prototypes to large batch production we can provide a rapid and flexible manufacturing service with no compromise on precision, quality and delivery.

  • Introduction

    We have over 60 years experience in producing the highest quality instrumentation where quality and reliability are quite literally critical for a wide range of sectors.


R & L Enterprises Ltd is a privately owned company established in 1942 and operated by the present ownership since 1964. The existing facility covers 2000 square metres with a further 2000 sq m available for expansion.