Our angled bossheads are designed to take rods up to 13mm diameter thickness. They are manufactured from cast aluminium and are fitted with either plastic head or stainless steel thumb screws and may have a painted or nickel plated finish.

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  • Natural bosshead

    Our natural bossheads are designed to take rods up to 16mm diameter. They are diecast in aluminium alloy and fitted with plastic headed M8 screws or optional brass screws. We offer a variety of finishes depending upon the application.

    Stirrer Bossheads manufactured in anodised aluminium with stainless steel socket screws. These are designed to fit an 18mm vertical rod and 13mm horizontal support rod. An allen key and adapters are provided to reduce rod sizes.

    We manufacture many more bossheads in a variety of materials and finishes to suit your requirements, please contact for details.

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  • 3 prong Clamp

    Diecast in aluminium alloy with a natural finish. The clamp is actuated by nickel plated pummels and a blue headed nickel plated twinscrew. The jaws are rubber covered. Options are to have nickel plated brass twinscrew.

    Utility clamp Nickel plated diecast aluminium alloy – Jaws are rubber covered but can be covered in chemical resistant plastic. Clamp is fitted with a screwed shaft and painted bosshead allowing the clamp to be clamped securely into any position on a rod upto 13mm dia.

    We manufacture many more clamps accepting articles up to 180mm diameter,  in a variety of materials and finishes to suit your requirements, please contact for details.

    General notes Clamps and bossheads fitted with plastic headed screws are not suitable for use in sub-zero, radioactive or carbon dioxide environments.

    The alloy clamps and bossheads are constructed in precision diecast zinc based alloy.  The melting point of this material is 400'C but the material will soften at 250'C. The maximum recommended safe working temperature for this material is 180'C.

    The aluminium clamps and bossheads are constructed in a precision diecast aluminium based alloy.  This material will soften at temperatures in excess of 580'C.  The maximum recommended safe working temperature for this material is 425'C.

    We do not recommend that any clamp or bosshead be exposed to direct heat.

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  • Medical

    We manufacture a variety of components for anaesthetic equipment, operating equipment & developing new products with customers.

  • Power Generation

    Manufactured components from special materials for use in power stations.

  • Pump Manufacturers

    We manufacture a wide  variety of components used in the control & flow of fluids & gases.

  • Leisure

    We work for companies who manufacture children's playground equipment and have helped them with their products from concept through to batch production.

  • Packaging & Labelling

    We work for a variety of companies manufacturing parts for the food & packaging industry  eg Bottling machinery/ canning machinery/ labelling machines.

  • Security

    We have been manufacturing components for the fire & security industry for the past 10 years , where component  tolerances are quite literally life and safety critical.

  • Telecommunications

    From prototypes to large batch production we can provide a rapid and flexible manufacturing service with no compromise on precision, quality and delivery.

  • Introduction

    We have over 60 years experience in producing the highest quality instrumentation where quality and reliability are quite literally critical for a wide range of sectors.


R & L Enterprises Ltd is a privately owned company established in 1942 and operated by the present ownership since 1964. The existing facility covers 2000 square metres with a further 2000 sq m available for expansion.